Why is it special?

Tablet Reflection

Why is it special?

Offline maps

In addition to the content and information of the app, travellers can download the map of the destination and have all the points of interest and their location available offline.

Advanced filtering of the information

Enables users to easily find what they are looking for. Filtered POIs can be pinned on a map and a user can compare their locations with his/her current GPS position.


Users can get directions on how to reach all POIs in the guide.

Social media

Users have the capability to share data through social media and email via accounts registered in their devices.

Customized layout

Well-built and feature-rich company/place presentation is specifically designed to help users get the right info and attract more clients to be advertized in the app.


Users have the capability to save their favourite places, allowing them to always find them quickly in ‘Favourites’ tab. This feature can also be used as a trip planner by the user .

Interactive map

Users can view all or some categories of POIs on a map based on what they are interested in.

One click call

Calling a POI directly by clicking the “call” button.

Close to me

Users can use this feature to sort the places in a category by distance closest to them.

Weather widget

3 day weather forecast in a visually attractive weather widget.

Photo trip

Users are able to get a quick view of all the POIs of the city.

Push notifications

Push notification messaging is a powerful marketing tool that enables us to communicate events, promotions, offers and further promote our clients.

Our mobile at a glance

100% offline

Travellers can download the application containing all the latest information and have it with them at all times within a hand’s reach.

They also avoid roaming charges when using a native application, as all information is available offline.

Interactive Travel Guide

Interactive mobile travel guides vs.

static printed guides (or maps) provide instant access to most
up-to-date information, enable direct communication through users’ social media, and ultimately lead
to greater traveller satisfaction and better user experience

Location Related Information

Through a native mobile app we are able to provide users with travel information related to their current GPS location, e.g. finding the closest restaurant, the directions to it, and much more.

Rich Media Content

Present your clients by using media-rich content. Native apps provide exceptional user experience by using photos, videos, etc.

Push Messages

‘Push notification’ is a powerful tool that allows you to send:
Text messages
Text messages with hyperlink to a web address
Text messages with a link to a page within the mobile app

App Gallery

App Gallery

Web Interface

Full Featured Web Portal

Moreover we have developed our own CMS (Content Management System) that synchronizes content to an iOS mobile app, an Android mobile app and a web portal. So you have your content served in your mobile apps and your web portal without having to update content in different platforms.